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Welcome to the Official Home Page of the West Jersey Astronomical Society (additionally known as the Willingboro Astronomical Society). Our club is in its 56th year of serving both the public and the amateur astronomers of the Delaware Valley. We have a long history of public education, star parties, interesting meetings, in-depth training and experienced leadership. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Click here for membership information, including a PayPal link to pay dues (click here to make a separate donation). Members in good standing have access to the gated Barnegat Road Observing Site in the dark New Jersey Pines.



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Ken Weber

Al Meloni

Suzanne Leap

Wade Evans


Announcements   Last Update: Friday, August 18, 2023

Aug 24 The waxing gibbous Moon will occult Antares around 10:54 pm EDT for observers near 40-75W.
Aug 27 Saturn reaches opposition from the Sun at 4:28 am EDT.
Aug 30 Full Moon at 9:36 pm EDT in western Aquarius. This will be the second Full Moon in August 2023 (the first was on August 1). Some would consider this a "Blue Moon." The Full Moon (when it's at opposition) will be about 5 from Saturn, which was at opposition just a few days earlier. The Moon will also reach perigee at 11:54 am EDT.
Sept 1 Formal Meeting, at the Virtua Health and Wellness Center, Conference Ctr, Room 155A, in Moorestown, NJ, 7:30 pm. Guests are welcome.
Sept 14 New Moon at 9:40 pm EDT in eastern Leo.
Sept 15 Informal Meeting at the Virtua Health and Wellness Center, Conference Ctr, Room 155A, in Moorestown, NJ, 7:30 pm. Guests are welcome.
Sept 16 Public Star Watch at Batsto, beginning at 6:30 pm EDT. Check back here on the day of the event for the go/no-go weather call.

Photo Spotlight   Image posted 8.05.2023

WAS Star Watch Director, Suzanne Leap, is "Cooking up a Comet" before dark during a presentation for those attending the July 22, 2023, Public Star Watch at Batsto Village in Wharton State Forest, NJ. As darkness fell, the public was able to observe celestial wonders through telescopes, and spot their locations in the constellations with unaided eyes, guided by our experienced amateur astronomers. Join us this coming weekend at our next Public Star Watch on August 12 at Batsto, which will continue into the morning of August 13 for the Perseid Meteor Shower. Details are in the events listing above the picture.


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